Team Rowe unveils its new boat set to debut on the UIM F2 2021 circuit

Photo credit: Team Rowe

Photo above, one of the new boats for the 2021 Formula 2 WC at the Interboot in Friedrichshafen. The boats will be piloted next year by Stefan Hagin and Paolo Longhi. As in many other areas (of motorsport), the 2020 racing season fell just as related to the crown in the truest sense of the word. The races planned by the ROWE driver in Europe. At the Friedrichshafen Interboot in September, the boat in the new super dynamic ROWE design could at least still be presented to the public. Both Stefan Hagin and Paolo Longhi devoted a lot of time to the visitors to really answer all the questions. For 2021 – provided that normality has returned to the sport of powerboating – the program is foreseen depending on what a 2021 calendar will actually be like, in which a second ROWE boat will also be launched with Paolo Longhi.

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