Presentation and pageantry go a long way when promoting your product on social media

When it comes to presentation and curb appeal the same rules apply in motorsports, you lure in more viewers with color and pageantry. Yes, even curb appeal applies in motorsports when you are trying to lure in a certain demographic. Think how quickly 19-year-old scrolls through their social media feed on a smartphone, what makes them stop on a particular news feed item? You cant just lure them in with grotesques crash photos that imply the sport is deadly. You have to lure them in with eye candy. Colors that pop! uniforms that shine so that they see themselves in the shiny bright-colored uniforms. The colors of the boat in the case should also pop, lure them in.

Todd Anderson, 69Z
Photo Holly Jones

The same theory applies inside of a grocery store, product stands are strategically placed under good lighting with sharp bold colors to attract your eye. In terms of powerboat racing on the grassroots level, and even larger category’s consider making uniforms mandatory at all times while in the pits. Nothing flashy or over expensive, but well fitted, clean team shirts, etc. can go a long way in helping to dress up your product. Even if the general public does not play a huge role on race day you still want the photos you post to your public-facing social media sites to reflect a clean well-polished product, make those colors pop!

Cover photo credit: BOAT RACE 宮島

Kelsey Bennett, 24F; Samantha Fairbairn, 44M; ASR

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