24hrs of Rouen 2021: Update on February 5

English Translation

February 5, 2021   Still without a response from Rouen town hall, the ROUEN YACHT CLUB sends a new letter in person to the town hall requesting an urgent meeting. We are “at the foot of the wall”, time is running out and the players in world power boating are worried. The city of Rouen must clearly explain to us the terms of its support.  

This is the situation as it is today.

The ROUEN YACHT CLUB is in a constructive and positive position with all its partners to maintain and improve the organization of this major powerboat event in ROUEN and around the world.

By increasingly emphasizing our proactive approach to reducing the carbon impact specific to any human organization, whether cultural, economic or sporting, the 24H MOTONAUTIQUES de ROUEN must be at the forefront of the Seine in the ecological transition with all its partners and with the town hall of ROUEN in particular. All this within the framework of the social-ecological ambition of the town hall of ROUEN which we fully share.

Obviously, we will keep you informed very quickly of new information that we will be given during this meeting.

We are all in solidarity with this situation and fully understand your issues, your questions that we fully share.


Cover photo credit: alan Cowperthwaite

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