Hopes of running this year’s edition of the 24 Hours of Rouen are fading fast

Looks like the organizers of the 24 Heures Motonautiques de Rouen are being ignored again in what has a become an uphill battle to get approval for the running of this year’s event. Once again, the city has not confirmed a previously postponed meeting with organizers scheduled for tomorrow, which makes some wonder if the event will happen at all this year. Online chatter across social media suggest that the lack of communication with city officials is signaling that there will be no regatta this year.

Fanny Blt Nini They don’t want the 24 hours of green boobos anymore. They will kill our beautiful city. Lol pollution on the back… and lubrisol and all the companies that pollute we talk about it. 24 hours a day we need to stop taking the Rouennais for idiots.

Original (French)

The ROUEN YACHT CLUB informs you that the meeting with Mrs. VAUZELLE has been postponed this Tuesday, February 23 at 16 pm at the ROUEN Town Hall with the planned interlocutors. We have had no confirmation regarding the participation of the Mayor.

English translation

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