Breaking: The 24 hours of Rouen will take place in 2021

So the Town Hall has finally given its green light for the 2021 edition of the 24 H MOTONAUTICS… October 1, 2 and 3!Still need to validate the ′′ H24′′ format, which we requested in October then December 2020, and the fact that this authorization is given for 5 years. Indeed, we must make the race more attractive by getting it back to its original format and have medium-term visibility to build our future sustainably.

Following a meeting in town hall about the organization of the 2021 edition of the 24 heures motonautiques de Rouen, the City and the Rouen Yacht club have reached an agreement.

After months of waiting and doubt, the 2021 edition of the 24 heures motonautiques de Rouen will finally take place. The City and the Rouen Yacht Club, organizer of the event, reached an agreement after a meeting at the end of the afternoon on Tuesday February 23, 2021. The condition of making use of boats with “clean engines” was withdrawn for this year.

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