Once the UIM F2 Category moves to 4 Stroke, could it be a death blow?

Given the fact that the majority of UIM F2 teams are basically small mom and pop outfits, could this potential move signal the end of the series? Obviously this change would not effect racing on the local club level for the time being.

That said, with more cities looking to go green, and reduce their carbon footprint, running the old engines could become an issue even on the local level in the years to come.

Gordon Cook has a very interesting take on this topic

Via Gordon Cook

I have made the decision to sell following the UIM’s announcement that the Optimax Engines will become obsolete for the F2 World Championship from the end of the 2022 season. I see no point in investing further in the current engines, boxes and props only for them to become worthless at the end of 2022. Like many smaller teams moving to the new APX 4 Stroke engine for the 2023 season is simply just not viable; we are already seeing this with the F1H2O teams and their move to the new 4 Stroke.

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