David Loukotka moves one step closer towards his F500 debut

The popular European F350 driver announced in late 2020 that he was moving up to the F500 class and it appears that the transition is well underway.

Dovolte abych Vám představil naší novou Eleanor 😉 Jsme na začátku,moře práce a učení před náma ,ale tešíme se . Ok teď už jsme F500 tým . ASV racing boat+GRM engine = # 98 P.S. Hoši brzo na značkách ,práce volá 🤙

Let me introduce you to our new Eleanor 😉 We are at the beginning, a lot of ​​work and learning is waiting for us, but we look forward to it. Ok now we are the F500 team. ASV racing boat + GRM engine = # 98 P.S. Guys soon at the start, work calls 🤙

Via Loukotka racing on Facebook

All photos credit Loukotka racing

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