2021 Top O’Michigan Marathon Winners for Saturday 8/14

All results via Top O’ Michigan Outboard Racing Club Cover Photo Throttled: Stock Outboard Racing Podcast 

The complete list of all class winners can be seen on the Top O’ Michigan Outboard Racing Club

JSR – Elise Hearn #9H

AXR- Quin Roberts # 9A

ASR – John Wlodarski #24-J

15SSR- Charlie Smith #149-M

25SSR- Dustin Fierek #19-M

CSR- Timothy Ross #75-M

DSR- Joshua Pearson #95-M

Congratulations to all, racing set to resume Sunday 8/15/21 for the second leg

Sunday’s course: approx 42 miles, modified Lemans start from pits across Burt Lake and then North to the entrance of Crooked River. The course runs through Crooked River and into and around Crooked Lake making 3 checkpoints and then back into Crooked River. The course then continues South along the West side of Burt Lake then across the lake into the Indian River. The race travels the full length of Indian River to a checkpoint at Mullett Lake and then back through Indian River to a finish line that is TBD.

Start Type: Modified Lemans

Full sanction can be found here

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