European drivers in route to Ternopil, Ukraine for the WC F125/F250/F500

August 27–29, 2021 Ternopil, Ukraine
U.I.M. F-500 WC U.I.M. F-250 WC U.I.M. F-125 WC
«Massimo Rossi Memorial»

  1. Series and classes
    U.I.M. Formula 500 World Championship Series round
    U.I.M. Formula 250 World Championship Series round
    U.I.M. Formula 125 World Championship Series round
  2. Dates and Location
    Dates 27-29.8.2021
    Venue Biletska Street 11, Ternopil, 46001 Ukraine (49.556615, 25.586210)
    Schedule According to Time Schedule in the end of Advance Program
  3. Rules
  • The races are held under the current UIM rules and homologations.
  • The organizer and race directorate retain the right to announce additional rules and regulations specifically for
    the races mentioned in this program. These rules and regulations must be in conformity with the rules and
    regulations of the U.I.M. and are obligatory as any other rules and regulations of these races. Drivers must be
    informed about these additional rules and regulations by the race commissioner during the first official drivers’
    briefings. The modifications

The full advanced program can be found here

Cover photo credit: UIM Hydro GP

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