Jimmy Shane is the fastest qualifier for this weekend’s HomeStreet Bank San Diego Bayfair

September 17, 2021 Press Release

SAN DIEGO — With a run of 163.342 miles per hour, Jimmy Shane of Covington,
Washington drove Miss HomeStreet to the fastest qualifying time for this weekend’s
HomeStreet Bank San Diego Bayfair race in San Diego. The world’s fastest boats, capable of
speeds of 200 miles per hour, will be back in action on Mission Bay tomorrow and Sunday.

Dave Villwock of Monroe, Washington, was the second-fastest with a run of 161.016
miles per hour in Miss Beacon Plumbing. J. Michael Kelly of Bonney Lake, Washington,
drove Miss Tri-Cities to a third-fastest run of 155.461 miles per hour.
Because the San Diego event is the final event of the H1 Unlimited season, the race for
the 2021 national championship also is at stake.

Kelly started the weekend with a 210-point lead over Shane in the points race for the
driver’s title. With the results of qualifying, that lead has been cut to just 180 points with as
many as 1,600 points still up for grabs during racing on Saturday and Sunday.

Kelly’s chances for the title became even more uncertain with news that he broke his
collarbone during a family outing two weeks ago. Kip Brown of Preston, Washington, tested
Miss Tri-Cities earlier in the day just in case Kelly wouldn’t be able to compete this weekend.
Nothing compares to the unique visual beauty of watching the H1 Unlimited
hydroplanes live. Tickets for the HomeStreet Bank San Diego Bayfair event are still available
at sandiegobayfair.org.

If you’re not able to attend the race in person, you also can enjoy the action by watching live-streamed broadcasts on the H1 Unlimited YouTube Channel. You can find the link at

HomeStreet Bank San Diego Bayfair at San Diego

QUALIFYING—1, Jimmy Shane, Miss HomeStreet, 163.342 avg. speed, 100 points; 2, Dave Villwock, Miss Beacon Plumbing, 161.016, 80; 3, J. Michael Kelly, Miss Tri-Cities, 155.461, 70; 4, Corey Peabody, Pinnacle Peak Consulting, 153.967,
60; 5, Jamie Nilsen, J&D’s, 153.804, 50; Kelly Stocklin, Bucket List Racing, DNQ.

Cover photo credit: @SD_Bayfair

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