USA/Canada vs Australia/New Zealand GP Hydro

Before we get started this is for entertainment purposes only so no one gets offended or bent out of shape if their name is not picked. This is all in good fun offseason entertainment.

The word goes out that there will be a USA/Canada vs Australia/New Zealand event held down under and the US and Canada are looking for three drivers to go and represent the team. The same rules that apply to the Australian New Zealand circuit will be in place so drivers will have to adapt and use equipment that meets all the Hydro Thunder rules. The USA and Canadian drivers will be allowed to ship their own gear over.

The Aussies run strong so make your decisions wisely. Only three drivers will be permitted to represent the USA Canadian team. Feel free to pick three alternates for your fantasy team.

*This fantasy pick goes both ways, let’s hear the top three drivers you would pick to represent each team at this meet-up.


Cover photo Hydro Thunder

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