Breaking: Newcomer Michael Movinski set to join the HRL and American GP Circuit in 2022

A newcomer to the series based out of Mooresville NC, Mike has purchased the GP 25 from HRL and tells Race Day Live that Santa came early this year. Let’s welcome Mike to the circuit in 2022 and look forward to this new team hitting the ground running. Mike tells us that they hope to make Cambridge Maryland their first appearance on the 2022 circuit where the plans are to get seat time and gain valuable information from the other teams.

Welcome aboard Mike we’ll see you in the pits this summer, stop by and say hey to Mike this upcoming season.

Cover photo: Grand Prix America Hydroplanes

The message below is from Mike:

I like to say Thanks to HRL for letting me buy the GP 25 .
( If someone offers you an amazing OPPORTUNITY but you are not sure you can do it SAY YES then learn how to do it later )

This summer I’m just going take my time, under promise over delivery, is the way I’m looking at it

I like to also say. Thanks to everyone over at Gp America for welcoming me. Me,

I do plan to run both series if and when possible, both series. Are showing signs that hydroplane racing can be A Professional run sport.

Special thanks to First foremost goes to the main man that should be in everyone’s life Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ .

My friends and business partners Dan and Cj
Shane Hueston, I’ve known you since u were chasing kids around with a hockey stick, inside joke

The Kennedy’s ( if you don’t know the last name then you are not a fan of this sport )

The Liddycoats I’ll start with the most important one Grant Liddycoat, sorry Kim and Scott, This kid is a shining star in this sport humbled and full of Talent. From head to tow ( someone should sign him to a lifelong driving contract while the price is Cheap THE REAL YOUNG MONEY
Now to the Old Money no it’s not Kim, it’s Scott Liddycoat There no chance in Hell I be able put this boat in the water if didn’t have. Talent both as a driver boat builder and repair and most important 50 years old and still drinks like he 21 !

Tony Black. Thanks for being an Ear to listen and give advice, how many boats have u driven?

Marc Perrier. This guy if hydroplane racing was a drug he has an addiction!

Huey Newport Some people bleed RED WHITE AND BLUE. Or maybe just red. This guy bleeds hydroplane racing

Tim Hueston you left this earth a while ago but you are not forgotten I will do everything I can within reason to have this boat hit water and be competitive

To all the drivers and owners crews official fans of Gp. Class I look forward to learning growing and getting my ass kick, but with each ass-kicking will learn to become competitive and harder to beat,

Photo credit for our video Kennedy’s I believe bob hughes and Jermey Ward Hats coming to you

Randy the plumber thanks ! Not to often does one get to act a fool crack jokes and get paid to do it , keep doing U !

I leave everyone with this final thought, The Mooresville Rocket Hendricks Who!


Randy The Plumber
Hydroplane Racing League

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