Breaking: Looks like the Mercury Racing 200 APX will be a success after all

Despite all the grumbling that was being mentioned on social media towards the end of last year, it seems as though the new year brought a change in attitude and there is an abundance of interest after all. This is a developing story, so be sure to check back after the break.

The driver’s name beneath each photo speaks for itself. Things are looking good! Stay tuned, this is going to be an exciting space to watch in 2022.

Photo credit: Dylan Anderson
Photo credit: Robert West

Rated at more than 200 horsepower the 200 APX outboard offers tunnel boat racers a very durable powerhead and the latest in four-stroke engine technology in the most-potent V6 outboard package to ever leave the Mercury Racing shop. The 200 APX is designed specifically to do battle on UIM F2 and APBA OPC tunnel boat circuits and international endurance events, where racers run Wide Open for the win.

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Mercury Racing expands its Apex Series of competition outboards with the Mercury Racing 200 APX, a V6 four-stroke model designed for UIM F2 and APBA OPC tunnel boat racing.

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