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Breaking: Your Saturday F1 Finals winner is Spencer Love in Springfield, Ohio

Saturday, August, 27th 2022 Wake the Lake 6

Spencer Love was able to hold off the entire field and take the checkered flag during the F1 finals at Champion Park Lake in Springfield Ohio. Racing resumes on Sunday, you can follow all the action live at F1 Powerboat Championship

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124 SPENCER LOVE323/18:10.75145.18147.333
271 JIMMY KERR423/18:13.3802.62945.17447.303
394 RUSTY WYATT1023/18:39.21228.46046.11448.09
417 DYLAN ANDERSON123/18:41.37330.62245.56947.832
503 DUSTIN TERRY523/18:47.90937.15846.9748.515
677 MIKE QUINDAZZI923/18:51.85541.10346.28548.552
752 CHRIS RINKER622/18:17.8061 Lap45.73847.318
870 JUDE GASPARD1122/18:28.1341 Lap47.48649.696
985 MIKE MAKUS1222/18:36.4101 Lap47.6149.992
1074 JESSE SWAIN1522/18:47.6961 Lap48.6671:57.96
1120 ASHTON RINKER822/18:51.8261 Lap46.88551.076
1241 BOBBY BRIGGS1620/18:26.8703 Laps51.64554.603
1309 WHITNEY FLETCHER1418/18:24.4355 Laps57.7431:00.498
148 JEREMIAH MAYO216/12:41.9177 Laps45.73847.096
1593 RJ WEST716/13:45.4017 Laps48.45650.881
1614 DYLAN RUNNE139/8:19.50014 Laps49.14353.358

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