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Breaking: Under new ownership, the Steeler GP hull will remain in North America 

Via Huey Newport

BREAKING NEWS ! Yes our “STEELER” will stay in North America.

This past weekend I made a deal to sell our Steeler to a group from North America. No names yet as this group is trying to work out a deal with a few sponsors. I know several of you asked me not to sell to anyone in New Zealand as we really needed all the GP’s we can get to stay right here at home.

Heres just a little info I can give you. This group will be new coming into our GP group and they do plan to attend both GPA and HRL race events. This group is also very well funded and is very familiar with our GP racing events.

After meeting with these guys I think it will be a great addition to both GP racing series.

These new owners plan to make their own formal announcement in the next three weeks so please stay tuned !

Also I wish all our GP teams good luck in this weeks upcoming San Diego GP race event ! Please take care and stay safe, Huey

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