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Coniston Power Boat Records Week 2022 – Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of the 50th annual water speed records week got off to a breezy start.  With 24 entries signed in at the start of the week, there were plenty of drivers ready to go

Monday 31st October 2022

Although the weather wasn’t ideal for Water Speed Record breaking, the entrants were definitely eager to take to the course.

The 1st run of the week was 40-year-old Cumbria-born Adam Brown who established a new outright World and National Record in the Diesel Outboard Outright class. Adam boat is running a Cox Marine Diesel Engine running on hydrotreated vegetable oil which reduces net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%.

It was quite fitting that Adam should be the first run of the 50th Records Week as Adam’s Father Robin Brown was the Chairman of Records Week for several decades as well as being instrumental to bringing the event to Coniston in 2005.

After several further runs throughout the day, Adam left the record at 59.73mph for Day 1 but the team is expecting to increase the speed throughout the week.

The youngest competitor of the week is 15-year-old Kyle Horton from Southport. Supported by Dad David, Kyle is attending Power Boat Records Week for the 1st time after taking up Jet Ski racing as an alternative to Motocross. Kyle has made 6 attempts on the run today in 3 separate classes. Eventually Kyle rewrote the records books in all 3 classes, 2 British National Records and the 15 year old also became a world Record Holder. (Aquabike OCJ 200 J3 – 51.80mph National Record. Aquabike Runabout Naturally Aspirated – 57.90mph National Record. Runabout GP3 – 52.35mph World and National Record)

The fastest run of Day 1 was achieved by Jonny Brewer, who set a new National Record in the S2000 class with a speed of 116.659mph. Jonny who is an accountant from Lincolnshire is a returner to Records Week after attending last year when he set several World and National records.

Oversees competitors also took to the water today including Coniston returner Hagen Jersynski from Berlin along with Co-pilot Stef Scheepers. The duo has been out on the water in their boat Chica today and the Graunner-built hull served them well today and enabled them to achieve a new World and German National Water Speed Record at 76.70mph in the Endurance Group B – Boat Production 300 class.

As the wind eased towards the end of the day the race was on to get the smaller circuit boats out in the calmer water. One of the last runs of the day was George Elmore who in his National Clubman Circuit 1000 monohull class boat has established a new National Record at 48.32mph.

The 1st day of Records Week 2022 saw a total of 38 runs with 3 World and National and 4 National Records set or broken.

With 28 entries signing in a raring to go the 8 records set on day 1 is only the tip of the iceberg for this world-renowned event.

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