Is there a future for the two most recent APX products?

Where do we stand with the newly introduced APX motors? In 2022, apart from a few F2 local debuts in Europe, no F1H2O team tried to take on the motor. Is this likely to change in 2023 or have teams turned their backs on the offering? There have been an impressive number of teams in the U.S. who have adopted the motor with varying results. We expect them to continue their development in 2023 as well. What are the obstacles holding back the F1H2O teams?

As far as we know, and we may be wrong, no F1H2O team attempted to campaign the motor or at a minimum made one entry run on it in 2022. In addition, no UIM F2 teams ran the motor in 2022, so what’s up with that?

Congratulations to Jelf Racing over in the UK and all the teams stateside who attempted to campaign the motor in 2022 and are planning to continue development in 2023.

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