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The 2023 Bradenton Area River Regatta winner is Jeremiah Mayo

Huge crowds turned out for the Bradenton Area River Regatta Saturday. Organizers estimate up to $10 million was put into to the local economy thanks to the annual event.

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  • 2023 Bradenton Area River Regatta winner Jeremiah Mayo … with his checkered flag, with his team, with Mayor Gene Brown at the Mayor’s Cup presentation and with Bradenton Public Works’ Dean Jones and Craig Keys.
  • MANATEE- Saturday, February 11th marked the eighth annual Bradenton Area River Regatta. Thousands of people came out to enjoy all of the music, food, and entertainment that the Regatta had to offer. Each year, around 100,000 people attend. Events on both land and in water took place including powerboat racing, concerts, kid-zones, and for the first time ever, a world-class drone show.

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