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Onboard camera footage from the 65th Guayaquil Regatta – Vinces

Footage courtesy Fernando Boats Replicas

The Guayaquil-Vinces Regatta is a marathon for outboard speed boats that takes place annually in Ecuador , from the city of Guayaquil to Vinces . This 63.4-mile event is run exclusively by STOCK OUTBOARDS in the popular C Stock Runabout (CSR) class, which corresponds to the 55-65 MPH range. Full of anecdotes and incredible experiences, the nautical competition has been held uninterruptedly since 1957, on the fourth Sunday of March, and is organized by the Vinces Youth Sports and Social Club. The supply area (pits) and the starting line are at the “Guayaquil Yacht Club” on the Malecón 2000, in the city of Guayaquil. They race through the Guayas , Babahoyo and Vinces rivers until they reach the city of Vinces.

The founder was Rogelio Jordán Rodríguez. In 1957 he carried out the first race, which was won by Ernesto Estrada Icaza from Guayaquil.


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