In 2022, let’s bring back more powerboat racing content on YouTube

Powerboat racing video content has increasingly been placed behind paywalls in the last two years or so. We have nothing against people trying to make money, absolutely no problem. Our major disagreement with this push towards pay per view is that by having the content behind a paywall that the content will be obscured. There has been powerboat racing since the early 1900s, long before many of us were born. The sport has seen ups and downs and had what many refer to as its Hay Day. There were certain …

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How will the Mercury Racing 200 APX motor evolve in both Europe and the USA

It’s been serval months now since Mercury Racing unveiled its new Outboard 4 Stroke motor specifically built for the UIM F2 category in Europe and the American Power Boat Association tunnel boat racing stateside. Rated at more than 200 horsepower the 200 APX outboard offers tunnel boat racers a very durable powerhead and the latest in four-stroke engine technology in …

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