Arizona High School Basketball Tournament Unites Tribal Communities

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The Arizona High School Basketball Tournament has brought communities together at the Coliseum in the Fairgrounds, showcasing both fierce competition and strong community support for girls’ basketball teams.

Page High School Dominates Semi-finals

Page High School, securing the #1 overall seed in the 3A State Championship girls’ bracket, faced off against Chinle High School in the semi-finals. Despite both teams hailing from northern Arizona, their fans travelled for hours to support them. The game, played in Phoenix, attracted a passionate crowd.

Dedicated Community Support

Carllene Curley, whose husband is an assistant coach for Chinle, emphasized the importance of supporting the girls and their families. Even after a five-hour drive to Phoenix, she was proud to see many community members in attendance.

The Spirit of the Game

As Page High School enters the finals, it’s more than a basketball game. It’s about joy, pride, and community bonds. The team, fueled by passion and dedication, mirrors tribal spirit. Beyond the championship chase, their journey is a victory, showcasing the strength of tribal communities.

This tournament celebrates culture, community, and resilience, emphasizing sports as a powerful unifying force.

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Super Bowl of Res-Ball Finals

Rodney Slim, a supporter from Page, likened the event to the Super Bowl, calling it the “res-ball finals.” Expressing the enthusiasm of Apaches and Navajos, he highlighted the significant native presence at the tournament.

Page High School Triumphs

Page High School emerged victorious in the semi-finals, securing a spot in the finals against Show Low. Head Coach Celeste Claw acknowledged the special environment, emphasizing the community’s commitment and support from the reservation. She expressed gratitude for the win and readiness to compete in the upcoming final.

The tournament showcases basketball prowess and emphasizes the unity and dedication of tribal communities supporting their young athletes.

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