Cold Case Cracked: Arrest Made in 2004 Fulton County Shooting After Nearly Two Decades

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In a significant development, an arrest has been made in connection with a long-pending cold case from 2004. Dennis Kingston now faces serious charges, including first-degree murder and felony with a firearm, shedding light on the mysterious shooting death of David “Stony” Stone.

The incident unfolded south of Salem on Whippoorwill Road, where Stone was fatally shot through a window at Leon King’s residence.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, alongside the Arkansas State Police, responded to the shooting report on August 25, 2004. The case remained unresolved for 19 and a half years until recent breakthroughs reignited the investigation.

A detective, taking charge in May, re-examined the case, conducting interviews with persons of interest and scrutinizing evidence collected over the years.

The detective’s persistent efforts led to the discovery of new evidence, which was then submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory in Little Rock for analysis. This collaborative approach bore fruit, bringing forth crucial information that eventually led to Dennis Kingston’s arrest.

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During a second interview with Kingston, conducted within two weeks, he reportedly admitted to the shooting through the window. The admission marked a significant turning point in the investigation, providing a breakthrough in a case that had remained unsolved for nearly two decades.

The renewed commitment of law enforcement, coupled with advancements in forensic analysis, played a pivotal role in bringing justice to the victim, Stony Stone, and closure to the community that had long-awaited answers in this cold case.

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