Moody’s Court Battle Against Biden over Border

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In a resolute demonstration of solidarity, Florida, along with 25 other states, has rallied behind Texas in its defense of the border, opposing the policies of the Biden Administration. Attorney General (AG) Ashley Moody of Florida has taken a proactive stance, leading the legal battle against the White House’s attempt to overturn a pivotal ruling made last year in favor of Florida.

The legal saga began in March when federal judge T. Kent Wetherell asserted that the Biden Administration bore responsibility for the ongoing border crisis. The judge’s ruling demanded an end to the controversial catch-and-release policies, which allowed a steady influx of migrants into the country. This ruling has become the focal point of contention, as the White House seeks to appeal, and AG Moody vigorously pushes back.

AG Moody, a vocal critic of the Biden Administration’s approach to the border crisis, did not mince words in her press release. She accused President Biden of disregarding the law and the court’s opinion on his open-border policies. Moody emphasized the toll of the administration’s actions, asserting that over 8 million unvetted immigrants and hundreds of millions of deadly doses of fentanyl have flooded into the country, with no signs of abating as long as Biden is in office.

During her appearance on Fox and Friends First, AG Moody intensified her critique, characterizing the Biden Administration’s stance as a “war” against Texas and Florida. She echoed Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s self-defense argument, portraying the White House’s efforts to impede Texas from curbing the migrant surge as a situation akin to having one’s hands tied while their home is overrun by unknown individuals, potentially posing a threat.

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Moody’s criticism extends beyond the courtroom, encompassing broader concerns about national security and the implications of the border crisis. In March, concurrent with Judge Wetherell’s ruling, she labeled President Biden as “the biggest benefactor” to Mexican drug cartels operating at the border. She linked the profitability of both human and drug trafficking to the policies implemented by the administration.

In April, Moody accused President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas of “enabling” the trafficking of children across the border. A grand jury’s findings revealed disturbing details, stating that out of 250,000 child border crossers released into the country, many were “sold for sex” or subjected to various forms of abuse, while some were unaware of their sponsors.

The month of October saw AG Moody and 27 other Attorneys General demanding an end to the Biden Administration’s catch-and-release policies at the border. This call came in the aftermath of a Hamas attack in Israel, which heightened fears of a potential terror attack on American soil, exacerbated by concerns over the border crisis enabling such threats.

As the legal battle unfolds, AG Moody remains a vocal advocate for border security and accountability. The outcome of this struggle not only holds implications for Florida and Texas but also carries broader significance in the national discourse surrounding immigration and border control. The clash between state and federal authorities underscores the complexity of these issues and the deep-seated concerns of those on the front lines of the border crisis.

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