NASCAR’s Social Media Surge Thanks to Netflix Series

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NASCAR is experiencing a social media boost, possibly credited to the Netflix series “NASCAR: Full Speed.” In the past month, the sport has gained a significant following across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, with a total increase of 316,746 followers.

Instagram alone contributed 258,030 new followers, showcasing a positive trend, especially among a younger audience.

Before the Netflix series, NASCAR was transforming, breaking away from a decline that persisted several years ago. The recent surge in social media followers aligns with the sport’s growing momentum and improved TV ratings.

Compared to February 2023, where NASCAR gained 53,785 followers across all platforms in a month, the current numbers indicate substantial growth. The start of the season, despite challenges like the Daytona rain delay, has impressed, signalling a positive trajectory for NASCAR.

NASCAR's Social Media Surge Thanks to Netflix Series

TV ratings for the recent Atlanta race show promising signs, with a 5% increase in viewership compared to the same week at Fontana last year. The three-wide finish in Atlanta attracted 4.464 million viewers, marking a 33% surge compared to last year’s Spring race at the same location. This is a notable achievement for FOX and NASCAR.

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The positive trajectory might continue with the potential of a second season of “Full Speed” on Netflix and upcoming 2025 TV deals that could include races on TNT and Amazon’s Prime Video. The surge in social media followers and improved TV ratings hint at NASCAR’s ability to control its destiny, paving the way for further growth in the coming year.

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