NY Senator Cautions Against Republican Obstruction on Border Deal

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In a recent Senate Democratic agenda briefing, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has issued a call for unity and bipartisanship as the Senate grapples with the National Security Supplemental, addressing a spectrum of critical issues ranging from border security to international crises.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Senator Schumer emphasized the gravity of the challenges at hand, stating, “We have too much on our plate — from securing our Southern border to aiding Israel, Gaza civilians, and standing with Ukraine. It’s crucial that we rise to the occasion and find bipartisan compromise.”

The New York Democrat underscored the Democrats’ commitment to bipartisanship, pointing out, “For months, we’ve been true to our word, working with Republicans on border security and reaching agreements on a vast range of issues.”

However, Senator Schumer voiced his concern about opposition from the hard right-wing, describing it as “unfortunate and deeply disturbing” to witness attempts to thwart the bipartisan work taking place in the Senate.

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Expressing disappointment over what he perceived as a shift in tone, Schumer remarked, “The hypocrisy of calling the border broken and an emergency for months, and now when the time is here to make meaningful change, their tones have changed.”

The Senate Majority Leader stressed the urgent interconnection of various geopolitical challenges, linking the security of the Southern border, support for Israel and Gaza civilians, stability in the Indo-Pacific region, and the survival of Ukraine to the need for bipartisan action through the National Security Supplemental.

“The matter here is simple,” Schumer asserted, quoting Ukrainian President Zalinsky, “Ukraine will win the war against Russia if more aid is approved by Congress. If no more aid is approved, Putin will win. We dare not hand Eastern Europe over to Vladimir Putin.”

Despite acknowledging the difficulties in the ongoing negotiations, Senator Schumer remains optimistic about progress, stating, “The work is not easy; it’s very hard, but we keep making progress. We keep taking disagreements and turning them into agreements, and we remain committed to bipartisanship.”

As the Senate continues to navigate these critical issues, Senator Schumer’s call for unity underscores the importance of setting aside political interests for the greater good of national security. In a complex geopolitical landscape, finding common ground is imperative, and Schumer’s plea resonates as a reminder of the shared responsibility to address challenges that extend beyond party lines.

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