Ocon’s Strong Connection to Mercedes Persists Amid Hamilton F1 Replacement Talks

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As rumors circulate regarding the potential replacement for Lewis Hamilton, who is set to move to Ferrari in 2025, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon has spoken out about his ongoing ties with Mercedes. Ocon, a product of the Mercedes junior program, maintains “strong links” with the team, sparking speculation that he could be a contender for Hamilton’s seat. However, the French driver emphasized his dedication to Alpine during the launch of the Alpine A524 at Enstone.

Ocon’s Affiliation with Mercedes:

Ocon, out of contract with Alpine at the end of the current season, addressed the Mercedes speculation, stating that he has “always had strong links with Mercedes” and continues to be a part of the Mercedes junior driver program. Acknowledging his longstanding relationship with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, Ocon’s comments suggest that despite his elevated status, he remains contractually connected to the team.

Commitment to Alpine:

While acknowledging the Mercedes links, Ocon stressed his unwavering commitment to Alpine, stating, “I’m totally dedicated to Alpine. That’s my focus.” Despite being part of the Mercedes program, Ocon emphasized the crucial nature of each year in Formula 1, where performance is paramount, regardless of contractual status. He noted that strong on-track performances lead to talks, rumors, and positive attention.

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Hamilton’s Ferrari Move Surprises:

Reflecting on Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected move to Ferrari, Ocon expressed surprise, particularly due to the timing of the announcement during the typically calm winter period. Describing it as unexpected, Ocon joined others in the Formula 1 community in acknowledging the surprise factor of Hamilton’s decision to switch teams.

Stability and Continuity at Alpine:

Amid the offseason and sweeping management changes at Alpine, Ocon highlighted the return of stability and continuity within the team. Having experienced significant shifts last summer, the team is now poised for a more consistent environment. Ocon expressed the importance of maintaining continuity, emphasizing the value of ongoing collaboration and familiarity within the team.

Optimism for Alpine’s Future:

Ocon expressed optimism about Alpine’s prospects, hoping that the stability and continuity within the team would lead to positive outcomes. While acknowledging potential challenges at other teams, he stressed the need for Alpine to focus on its own performance. Ocon emphasized the importance of perfection within the team and suggested that success would follow by concentrating on their side of the competition.


Esteban Ocon’s comments shed light on the complexities surrounding driver contracts, team affiliations, and the dynamic nature of the Formula 1 landscape. As the season progresses, the speculation surrounding potential driver changes will likely intensify, but for now, Ocon’s commitment to Alpine remains steadfast. The unexpected move of Hamilton to Ferrari has added an element of surprise to the offseason, setting the stage for an intriguing 2025 season. The stability and continuity at Alpine, coupled with Ocon’s optimism, paint a hopeful picture for the team’s future endeavors.

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