Police Apprehend Moving Truck Driver After Pursuit from Dundee to Ohio

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Dundee, OH – In a dramatic turn of events on Thursday evening, a 26-year-old Milan man found himself in the custody of Ohio law enforcement after leading police on a high-speed chase that spanned multiple states.

The pursuit, which began in Dundee, Michigan, unfolded when Dundee Police Officer Joseph Ashley attempted to stop a 2019 Chevrolet U-Haul for a routine traffic violation at 9 p.m. The driver of the U-Haul, however, had different plans. After briefly pulling into the American Inn & Suites Hotel parking lot on Outer Drive near Tecumseh Street, the suspect circled back, ignored the officer’s commands to stop, and fled onto Outer Drive.

The suspect’s daring escape continued as the U-Haul sped south on Outer Drive, west on Plank Street, and south on Carney Drive, reaching speeds exceeding 45 mph through the village. The pursuit continued into Lenawee County, where the suspect turned south on Bucholtz Highway and headed into Deerfield. Negotiating a complex route, the suspect navigated east on River Street, south on Rodesiler Highway, and onto County Line Highway. The chase escalated as the suspect continued southbound on U.S. 223 and U.S. 23, maintaining speeds in excess of 72 mph.

Responding to the escalating situation, units from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan State Police joined forces with Dundee Police. In an attempt to halt the fleeing vehicle, the sheriff’s office successfully deployed tire-deflation devices on southbound U.S. 23 at Sterns Road. Despite this intervention, the suspect managed to press on, entering Ohio and exiting at Alexis Road in Sylvania.

The suspect, undeterred by the ongoing pursuit, continued eastbound on Alexis Road until reaching the intersection with Waterford Place. At this point, the driver abandoned the U-Haul, leaving behind a female passenger. Dundee police, now in custody of the vehicle, conducted a thorough search, revealing suspected illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. The woman passenger was released.

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Ohio law enforcement, including the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Sylvania Police, and Toledo Police, swiftly organized a perimeter to apprehend the fleeing suspect. The collaborative efforts of the agencies involved resulted in the successful apprehension of the 26-year-old Milan man.

Following the arrest, Dundee police received information that the suspect is not only facing charges stemming from the high-speed chase but is also wanted on felony warrants in Michigan. The suspect was lodged at the Lucas County Jail in Toledo, pending the authorization of felony charges by the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office and extradition back to Michigan.

The incident highlights the collaboration and coordination among multiple law enforcement agencies across state lines to ensure the swift resolution of a dangerous situation. As the legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits further details on the charges the suspect will face and the resolution of the outstanding warrants.

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