Tyreek Hill Accused of Intentionally Breaking Woman’s Leg

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Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is facing a lawsuit from model and social media influencer Sophie Hall, who alleges he intentionally broke her leg during a football lesson at his home in June.

The civil lawsuit, filed in Broward County, Florida, on Feb. 23, includes claims of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence, seeking damages above $50,000.

Sophie Hall, 35, with over two million Instagram followers, claims that Hill forcefully shoved her after she humiliated him during a football blocking drill.

The lawsuit details an incident where Hall knocked Hill backward during the drill, prompting laughter from onlookers, including Hill’s family and friends. Allegedly embarrassed and angry, Hill invited Hall to participate in offensive line drills.

During these drills, Hill instructed Hall to stand in a defensive line stance while he stood opposite her in an offensive lineman stance. He hiked the ball to the quarterback and told her to rush him as if she wanted to chase the quarterback.

Hall, listed as 6-foot-1 on her Instagram page, pushed Hill backward during one play, leading to more laughter.

Tyreek Hill Accused of Intentionally Breaking Woman's Leg

On a subsequent play, Hill allegedly charged into Hall violently, resulting in significant injuries, including a fractured leg that required surgery. Hall contends that Hill downplayed her injury, and arranged her travel a couple of days later, but she was diagnosed with a broken leg upon returning home.

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Tyreek Hill, 29, signed a four-year, $120 million deal with the Miami Dolphins in 2022. He has a history of legal issues, including a 2015 guilty plea to domestic violence charges and a 2023 settlement with a marina employee over assault allegations.

The Miami Dolphins have not responded to requests for comment, and court documents did not list an attorney for Hill. Hill’s representation in his 2023 settlement stated that he is not involved in this case. Sophie Hall’s attorneys have not immediately responded to requests for comment

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