Woman Caught Kicking Puppies in Manhattan Pet Store

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In a startling incident at CitiPups in Manhattan, a woman was caught on video kicking puppy kennels and assaulting another customer. The disturbing episode unfolded on Saturday around 3:45 p.m. at the store situated on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. Emilio Ortiz, the store manager who recorded the incident on his cell phone, recounted the shocking sequence of events that transpired.

The video footage reveals the lone woman entering CitiPups and launching a series of kicks at the puppy kennels. Despite warnings to stop, she persisted, kicking the kennels multiple times, escalating to a more forceful level. The motive behind this disturbing behavior remains unclear, leaving both store staff and customers bewildered.

Not content with just targeting the innocent puppies, the assailant then turned her aggression towards a female customer. Shockingly, she not only slapped the customer in the face but also spat at her following the assault.

The victim, visibly distressed and bleeding, promptly filed a police report. The severity of the attack prompted store management to take swift action, with Ortiz expressing concern for the well-being of the victim and emphasizing the urgency of apprehending the perpetrator.

The NYPD is actively investigating the incident, with detectives visiting CitiPups to gather evidence. The store manager and staff are cooperating fully with law enforcement to ensure a thorough investigation. Ortiz, in a public appeal, stated the importance of apprehending the assailant to prevent further harm to the community.

Woman Caught Kicking Puppies in Manhattan Pet Store

The incident raises questions about the safety and security measures in place at pet stores, prompting a broader discussion on how to safeguard both animals and customers.

The shocking attack has left patrons of CitiPups in a state of distress and disbelief. Witnessing such unprovoked aggression towards both puppies and customers has understandably raised concerns about the safety of public spaces.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and security measures in retail establishments, even those primarily focused on providing a positive and enjoyable experience for pet enthusiasts.

The emotional toll on the store staff, particularly the manager who witnessed and recorded the incident, is evident. Emilio Ortiz expressed deep concern for both the puppies and the assaulted customer. The impact of such an event reaches beyond the immediate physical harm caused, as the emotional well-being of those who witnessed the attack is also a significant consideration.

Despite the harrowing ordeal, it is relieving to note that there was no physical harm inflicted on the puppies housed in the kennels. The incident did not result in any property damage to the kennels themselves.

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However, the psychological impact on the animals due to the sudden and unexplained aggression is a matter of concern and may necessitate additional measures to ensure their well-being.

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