Amber Balcaen’s Dover Crash: Driver Taken Off on Stretcher

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A scary moment unfolded during the ARCA Menards Series race at Dover Motor Speedway. On the 1-mile track in Dover, Delaware, drivers were battling for position when an incident involving Amber Balcaen occurred.

During the race, Christian Rose experienced a mechanical issue, possibly a flat tire, causing his car to hit the outside wall. Balcaen, driving behind Rose, had to swerve to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, she lost control of her car and slammed into the inside wall, causing significant damage to her No. 22 vehicle.

Race officials quickly responded, signaling for caution and then red-flagging the race to ensure everyone’s safety. Balcaen was carefully extracted from her car and placed on a stretcher as a precautionary measure.

Balcaen, a 32-year-old driver for Venturni Motorsports, later provided an update, assuring everyone that she was okay despite the frightening crash. She mentioned that she felt fine overall but needed to check on her foot, which was wrapped in a brace.

Amber Balcaen's Dover Crash: Driver Taken Off on Stretcher

Christian Rose, the driver involved in the initial incident, also confirmed that he was alright but had breathed in some debris when his car caught fire. Reflecting on the incident, Rose emphasized the challenging nature of Dover Motor Speedway, known as “The Monster.”

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Despite the frightening crash, the race eventually resumed, highlighting the resilience and determination of the drivers in the ARCA Menards Series.

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