Surge in Abandoned Animals Across Central California

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In Central California, there’s been a troubling rise in the number of abandoned animals left to fend for themselves. Erin Ford-Horio, supervisor at Clovis Animal Services, shared a recent incident where a crate filled with adult cats and kittens was left outside the Miss Winkles facility.

This problem isn’t isolated to Clovis alone. Alma Torres, interim director at Fresno Animal Center, noted an increase in feral felines, especially during kitten season. Unfortunately, many kittens are separated from their mothers, making their care more challenging.

Abandoning animals is not just morally wrong, it’s also illegal. Under state law and Clovis municipal code, those who abandon animals can face charges and fines. In Clovis, the penalty can be as much as $100 per animal, while across California, intentional harm to animals can lead to prison time.

Despite limited space, shelters are committed to helping as many animals as possible. Ford-Horio emphasized the disheartening nature of finding dumped animals and urged people to reach out to shelters for assistance instead of abandoning pets.

Surge in Abandoned Animals Across Central California

Cary Catalano, a new pet owner, shared his experience of finding a dog named Bele on Belmont. Unable to find space in local shelters, he decided to keep Bele, recognizing that sometimes keeping a found pet is the best option. Until Bele finds her forever home, she’s in good hands with Catalano and his family.

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The message from shelters and caring individuals like Catalano is clear: abandoned animals deserve love and care, and the community must come together to ensure they find safe and happy homes.

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