Fontana Recognized as One of California’s Safest Cities

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Fontana, California, has been recognized as one of the safest cities in the state, according to a recent report by Safewise.

The report ranks Fontana 17th among California cities, with low rates of both violent crime (2.8 incidents per 1,000 population) and property crime (13 per 1,000), well below the state averages.

Out of the 77 cities considered for ranking, Fontana stands out as a leader in safety within San Bernardino County.

Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren expressed pride in the city’s safety accomplishments, attributing them to strategic investments in staffing, technology, and community engagement by the Police Department.

Police Chief Michael Dorsey emphasized the dedication of officers and partnerships with the community as key factors in achieving Fontana’s high safety rankings. He highlighted proactive policing efforts, innovative technologies, and ongoing community engagement initiatives.

One notable example of community involvement is the Chief’s Roundtable, where volunteers from different areas of the city meet with the police chief monthly to address concerns and ask questions.

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Additionally, Fontana PD offers regular community meetings, online access to crime statistics, and volunteer programs to encourage residents to stay vigilant and engaged in neighborhood safety.

With a population of over 212,000, Fontana continues to prioritize safety and quality of life for all residents, striving to maintain its reputation as one of California’s safest cities.

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