Sikh Community Rallies at California Capitol for Change Through Voting

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In a remarkable display of unity and determination, thousands of members of the Sikh community convened at the California State Capitol with a shared goal: to advocate for significant change in Northern India.

Representing various regions across the nation, they gathered under the banner of Sikhs for Justice, led by Avtar Singh Pannu, with a resolute belief in the power of peaceful democratic action.

The focal point of this monumental gathering was the promotion of a transformative shift through the exercise of voting rights rather than resorting to violence. Emphasizing their commitment to democratic principles, the Sikh community expressed their unwavering belief in the efficacy of ballots over bullets.

At the forefront of their agenda was the initiation of a non-binding referendum aimed at establishing an independent nation in the Punjab region. This referendum, orchestrated by Sikhs for Justice, serves as a symbolic manifestation of the community’s collective aspirations for self-determination and sovereignty.

The significance of this referendum extends beyond its symbolic value, as it forms part of a broader appeal to the United Nations for a binding referendum, under UN supervision, specifically tailored to the people of Punjab.

Sikh Community Rallies at California Capitol for Change Through Voting

Through this initiative, the Sikh community seeks to assert its right to self-determination and pave the way for the creation of Khalistan, a new nation-state.

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Dane Waters, Chairman of the Punjab Referendum Commission, underscored the profound importance of the referendum, highlighting its pivotal role in addressing the issue of Punjab’s independence and laying the groundwork for the establishment of Khalistan.

Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, the Sikh community’s unwavering resolve remains steadfast.

With an estimated turnout of approximately 5,000 individuals at the California State Capitol, the event served as a testament to their collective strength and determination to effect positive change through democratic means.

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