Local Teen’s Battle with Lyme Disease: A Warning for Others

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In Hubbard, Ohio, a recent CDC report reveals a surge in Lyme disease cases, affecting states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. A young resident, Malia Crump, is sharing her personal journey with the disease since she was only nine, emphasizing that it’s more than a simple infection.

Malia, now 18, recalls being covered in bullseye rashes and experiencing severe pain at a young age. Diagnosed with tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease, she spent weeks in the hospital, undergoing antibiotic treatments. Despite the medication, her health continued to decline, and at one point, she was even wheelchair-bound.

Living with chronic pain and brain fog, Malia sought intense treatment at a holistic clinic in Florida. While she can now walk, her battle with Lyme disease persists, with good days and challenging ones.

Managing her condition involves a regimen of supplements and multiple pills throughout the day. Malia acknowledges the unwavering support of her family, especially her parents, brother, and younger sisters.

Local teen shares Lyme disease experience

Despite the ongoing challenges, Malia’s determination shines through. She has earned her CDL, works on her pilot’s license, and engages in motorcycle racing. However, her message is clear: Lyme disease is insidious and can lead to enduring health issues.

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Malia urges anyone bitten by a tick not to wait and to persist in seeking medical attention. Her story serves as a poignant reminder of the severity of Lyme disease and the importance of early intervention.

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