Upto $35K Assistance for Oklahoma Homeowners Affected by COVID-19

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Oklahoma homeowners grappling with the economic fallout of COVID-19 now have the opportunity to access substantial financial assistance.

The Oklahoma Homeowner Assistance Fund, established through the American Rescue Plan Act, has already granted nearly $45 million to support those adversely affected by the pandemic, and additional funds remain available.

This assistance program offers grants of up to $35,000 to help homeowners facing various challenges triggered by COVID-19.

Whether individuals lost their jobs, had to quit employment to care for loved ones, or fell behind on property taxes, the funds are designed to alleviate financial burdens caused by the pandemic.

Upto $35K Assistance for Oklahoma Homeowners Affected by COVID-19

The Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, overseeing the initiative, has successfully aided over 2,800 applicants, with an average award of $16,000.

However, time is of the essence, as applications are scheduled to close on March 20. Homeowners in need of financial support are encouraged to apply promptly through the program’s website at www.ohfa.org/haf.

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This initiative serves as a crucial lifeline for those navigating the economic uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, offering tangible assistance to help homeowners regain financial stability.

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