NASCAR Driver Finds New Bumper Sponsor After Viral Incident

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In a recent NASCAR race, Joey Gase found himself in a frustrating situation when Dawson Cram’s manoeuvre caused him to slam into the outside wall, ending his race prematurely.

Frustrated by the incident, Gase made headlines when he dramatically ripped off his own bumper and hurled it at Cram’s car during a caution period.

NASCAR promptly issued a fine to Gase for his actions, prompting the driver to take to social media in search of a sponsor to cover the financial repercussions. However, what ensued was unexpected yet welcomed as Gase landed a sponsorship deal for his bumper instead.

Bumpers That Deliver by MBI Auto has stepped up to become Gase’s primary sponsor, and their logo will now adorn his car starting from the upcoming race at Michigan Speedway.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the new partnership, Gase emphasized the significance of the collaboration in supporting charitable causes like Donate Life and the Go For Real program, aligning with the brand’s values.

NASCAR Driver Finds New Bumper Sponsor After Viral Incident

Likewise, Bumpers That Deliver shared their excitement, highlighting their commitment to delivering top-notch bumpers while also supporting Gase’s racing endeavours and the important causes he represents.

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This collaboration not only signifies a new chapter for Gase and his team but also underscores the dynamic nature of NASCAR sponsorship deals. It showcases the power of social media and the mutual benefits that arise when brands align with drivers who champion meaningful causes.

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