Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes a Stand Against Gerrymandering in Ohio

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for more than his action-packed roles, recently threw his support behind an initiative in Ohio to combat gerrymandering.

At the Arnold Sports Festival, the former California governor endorsed an anti-gerrymandering amendment to Ohio’s Constitution, aiming for the November 5 general election ballot.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, humorously mentioned being in the building for the festival but expressed genuine support for the cause. Drawing from his experience in California, where he championed a citizens redistricting commission, he emphasized the need to remove lawmakers from the redistricting process.

The event, titled “Terminate Gerrymandering,” backed an effort by Citizens Not Politicians. The proposed Ohio constitutional amendment seeks to replace the Ohio Redistricting Commission with a 15-member citizen commission, comprising Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

It aims to institute stricter rules against gerrymandering, excluding current or former politicians, party officials, and lobbyists from the commission.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes a Stand Against Gerrymandering in Ohio

Schwarzenegger highlighted the issue of drawing districts to secure politicians’ job stability, emphasizing the lack of competition leading to poor performance. He joined the chorus calling for a fairer system in Ohio, where concerns about favouritism towards Republicans persist.

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Former Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, now part of the Citizens Not Politicians effort, lent her support to the cause. The initiative requires over 413,487 valid signatures from at least 44 counties by July 3 to secure a spot on the November 5 ballot.

While acknowledging that a new commission won’t solve all political problems, Schwarzenegger stressed its role in giving voice to diverse perspectives. His stance against gerrymandering aligns with the broader goal of achieving fair representation for every Ohio citizen.

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