California McDonald’s Franchise Owners Push Back Against Minimum Wage Hike

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In the Golden State, McDonald’s franchise owners are flipping the script on the recent minimum wage increase for fast-food workers.

The California Alliance of Family-Owned Businesses, a political action committee (PAC), is making waves by spending a whopping $500,000 on ads targeting lawmakers who backed the wage boost. Their primary targets? Assemblyman Chris Holden and Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, are both eyeing different local roles.

Come April, the minimum wage for fast-food workers in California will reach $20 an hour, a change set in motion by last year’s Assembly Bill 1228.

California McDonald’s Franchise Owners Push Back Against Minimum Wage Hike

The ripple effect is being felt not just in wages but in the menus as well. McDonald’s and Chipotle have hinted at possible price hikes, and some Pizza Hut operators are adjusting by trimming in-house delivery drivers.

McDonald’s owners are serving up a counter-argument, asserting that politicians supporting these changes will meet opposition.

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On the flip side, the Service Employees International Union, which championed the wage increase, deems the PAC’s spending as nothing short of “shameful corporate attacks.”

As the spat between fast-food owners and lawmakers sizzles, the battle over wages continues to spice things up in California. In this clash of burgers and politics, who will come out on top? Stay tuned for what the fast-food face-off unfolds.

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