Feast Freely: McDonald’s Serves Up Free Delights for California App Users – What You Need to Know!

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California Residents Rejoice: McDonald’s Unveils Exclusive App-Only Free Food Promotions

In a delightful move for its California customers, McDonald’s has rolled out a special treat for February and March. The fast-food giant is offering free food every Thursday to users of the McDonald’s app as part of their “Deal Days” promotion. This exciting initiative, which began on February 15th, has already left customers delighted with complimentary Double Cheeseburgers.

The Deal Days Lineup: A Culinary Calendar for California

California residents can mark their calendars for a series of delectable offerings on the upcoming Thursdays:

February 22nd: Sausage McMuffin with Egg
February 29th: Big Mac
March 7th: Happy Meal
March 14th: Sausage McMuffin with Egg
March 21st: 6-piece Chicken McNuggets
For a minimum purchase of just $1, McDonald’s is giving customers the chance to enjoy these menu items for free. It’s a flavorful journey through some of McDonald’s most beloved offerings.

Additional App Perks: More Than Just Free Food

California app users can relish not only the joy of free food but also other exciting perks. For orders exceeding $10 through Mobile Order & Pay, McDonald’s is generously providing a 20% discount. Additionally, for those who prefer the convenience of delivery, the delivery fee is waived for all orders surpassing $15, according to a recent news release from the company.

Feast Freely: McDonald's Serves Up Free Delights for California App Users – What You Need to Know!

Filet-o-Fish Fridays Return: A Southern California Delight

McDonald’s isn’t stopping at free food on Thursdays; they’ve also brought back the popular “Filet-o-Fish Fridays” promotion. Customers in Southern California can enjoy the iconic fish sandwich for a discounted price of $2.99 at participating locations. App users, seizing an extra discount, can snag the fish sandwich on Fridays for just $2.50.

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Deal Days Timeline: Opportunities Galore Until March 29th

The excitement doesn’t end quickly. McDonald’s “Deal Days” promotion runs until March 29th, providing ample opportunities for California customers to relish these mouthwatering deals. Whether it’s a classic Big Mac or a nostalgic Happy Meal, there’s something for every palate in this extended promotion.

McDonald’s in California: A Fast-Food Giant’s Expansion

With nearly 1,300 McDonald’s locations across California, as reported by the company, the fast-food giant continues to make its mark across the Golden State. These restaurants, operated by over 230 owners and employing more than 70,000 individuals, contribute to the unique story of McDonald’s in California. Interestingly, nearly 1 in 7 owners/operators in the state began their careers as McDonald’s crew members, highlighting the brand’s commitment to fostering talent from within.

Savoring the “Deal Days” Delights

In conclusion, McDonald’s “Deal Days” promotion is a flavorful feast for California app users, offering a perfect blend of free food, discounts, and nostalgic favourites. As customers across the state indulge in these exciting offers, McDonald’s continues to solidify its presence in California, showcasing not only its delicious menu but also its commitment to providing unique and enticing experiences for its loyal patrons.

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