Man Arrested in Riverside County for Fentanyl Sales

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In a significant development, Riverside County law enforcement officials have apprehended a 43-year-old man, Miguel Angel Lopez, on charges related to the alleged sale of fentanyl and other narcotics. The arrest comes after a thorough weekslong investigation into narcotics sales, culminating in a raid at Lopez’s residence in Perris.

The operation not only led to the confiscation of a substantial amount of illicit substances but also uncovered the presence of a 12-year-old child within proximity to the narcotics.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kamal Kabbara announced the arrest, stating that deputies executed a search warrant at Lopez’s residence in the 1000 block of Ruby Road in Perris.

The raid, part of a weekslong investigation, resulted in the discovery of hundreds of multicolored fentanyl pills, fentanyl powder, methamphetamine, and a significant sum of money. Furthermore, law enforcement officials seized ballistic panels, ammunition, and a collapsible baton during the operation.

One of the most alarming findings during the operation was the presence of a 12-year-old child near the narcotics. The child, found alone at the residence, was promptly removed from the scene and placed under the care of a relative. This disturbing revelation adds an extra layer of concern to the charges against Lopez, bringing child endangerment into the mix.

Miguel Angel Lopez now faces a myriad of charges stemming from the raid and subsequent investigation.

According to Sgt. Kabbara’s report, these charges include possession of a controlled substance for sale, transportation of a controlled substance, child endangerment, being a felon in possession of ammunition, being a felon in possession of a collapsible baton, probation violation, and a felony warrant for possessing a controlled substance for sale.

The law enforcement operation yielded a substantial amount of evidence against Lopez. Among the seized items were hundreds of multicolored fentanyl pills, highlighting the gravity of the alleged narcotics sales.

Man Arrested in Riverside County for Fentanyl Sales

Additionally, the discovery of fentanyl powder and methamphetamine emphasizes the diverse range of illegal substances involved in Lopez’s activities. The confiscation of a significant sum of money suggests the financial aspect of the narcotics trade that Lopez was allegedly engaged in.

The raid not only focused on narcotics but also uncovered weapons and ammunition in Lopez’s possession. The seizure of ballistic panels, ammunition, and a collapsible baton raises concerns about potential violence associated with his activities.

The combination of narcotics and weapons further underscores the dangers posed by individuals involved in the illicit drug trade.

In addition to the charges related to the current investigation, Lopez is facing charges of probation violation. This indicates that he was already under legal scrutiny before the recent arrest. Furthermore, a felony warrant for possessing a controlled substance for sale suggests a history of involvement in narcotics-related offenses.

Miguel Angel Lopez is currently held at the Cois Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta. His bail has been set at $350,000, according to sheriff’s inmate records. The significant bail amount reflects the severity of the charges against him and indicates the authorities’ determination to ensure his compliance with legal proceedings.

The arrest of Miguel Angel Lopez sheds light on the ongoing battle against narcotics sales in Riverside County. The combination of illicit substances, weapons, and the presence of a child nearby underscores the multifaceted nature of the charges.

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As the legal process unfolds, it is expected that further details will emerge, providing insights into the extent of Lopez’s alleged involvement in the illicit drug trade and the potential consequences he may face.

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