Riverside Jewelry Store Owner Fires Shots to Foil Smash-and-Grab

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In a surprising turn of events at Geneva Jewelry in Riverside’s Canyon Crest Town Center, what started as an ordinary workday took a chaotic turn when two masked and hoodie-clad robbers followed a customer into the store.

The brazen criminals, armed with hammers, initiated a smash-and-grab heist, causing panic among employees and customers alike. The suspects, seemingly nonchalant, swiftly smashed display cases and loaded up their bags with stolen merchandise.

During the ordeal, Michaelangelo Torchia, an employee at the store, revealed that his father, who was at the counter during the incident, took matters into his own hands. He retrieved a firearm from a back room and fired several shots into the floor, successfully scaring off the thieves.

Surveillance footage inside the store captured the intense moment, showing bullet holes that damaged parts of the store, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

This isn’t the first time Geneva Jewelry has faced criminal activity. Torchia recounted an incident from 1992 when his father was tied up by thieves, emphasizing the challenges businesses face and the need for stronger consequences for perpetrators.

Witnesses reported that the suspects had been casing the area before the robbery, suggesting a premeditated act. The Riverside Police Department disclosed that this incident marked the second smash-and-grab robbery in the area since New Year’s Eve, indicating a concerning trend of increasing criminal activity.

Riverside Jewelry Store Owner Fires Shots to Foil Smash-and-Grab

Expressing frustration with the leniency of the legal system, Torchia highlighted instances where perpetrators are caught but released the same day. Victims hope for tougher consequences for those involved in such crimes, emphasizing the need for a more robust legal framework.

Despite the trauma experienced by the victims, Geneva Jewelry plans to reopen for business on Tuesday. The incident’s aftermath left the store boarded up, reflecting the impact on both the business and the community.

As the Riverside Police Department actively searches for at least two suspects who remain at large, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by businesses in the community. The owner’s quick and daring response prevented further theft but also raised questions about the security and consequences in place to address such criminal activities.

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The ongoing search for the suspects underscores the urgency of addressing and curbing the rise in smash-and-grab incidents plaguing the area.

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