Missouri Pastor Receives Warning to Flee Super Bowl Parade Before Shooting Begins

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In a surprising turn of events during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade, Missouri pastor Timmy Hensel recounts a harrowing experience in which he believes divine intervention spared him and his family from harm.

As the leader of the River Church Family in Raytown, Missouri, Pastor Hensel claims that just moments before a shooting unfolded, he and his family received a prompting from the Holy Spirit to leave the area. Eagerly awaiting the announcement of their favorite players, the Hensel family decided to act on this perceived divine intuition, ultimately avoiding the tragic events that unfolded shortly after their departure.

Curiosity about the cause of the commotion led Pastor Hensel to look up at an aerial view of the parade from a helicopter. To their shock, they discovered blood on the ground precisely where they had been standing just minutes earlier, serving as a chilling confirmation of the divine intervention they credit for saving their lives.

The shooting incident at the Super Bowl parade resulted in one fatality and 22 injuries, with two juveniles subsequently charged in connection to the tragedy. Amidst the chaos, the Hensel family’s escape has become a testimony of faith for the River Church Family and the broader community.

Pastor Hensel emphasizes the importance of listening to divine promptings, urging others to recognize and heed similar warnings as a means of potentially averting tragic outcomes.

Responding to the pastor’s account, individuals shared their own experiences in the comments section of the CBN article, underscoring the collective belief in the power of attentive listening to divine guidance and engaging in prayer. Pastor Hensel encourages the development of a spiritual community where people actively communicate with a higher power and respond to guidance from above.

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CNN reported that during the shooting, many onlookers initially mistook the sounds for fireworks, highlighting the confusion and shock that ensued during the incident. The contrast between celebratory fireworks and the sudden eruption of violence added an additional layer of unpredictability to the tragic event.

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