Oklahoma Cheers as Grocery Tax Cut Garners All Support

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In a rare display of unity at the Oklahoma state Capitol, lawmakers from both parties came together to celebrate the passage of House Bill 1955, a bipartisan effort to eliminate the state’s 4.5% tax on groceries.

The historic moment was marked by the signing of the bill into law by Governor Kevin Stitt, who described it as a significant day for Oklahomans.

Senate Pro Tempore Greg Treat and House Speaker Charles McCall expressed their enthusiasm for the bipartisan achievement, emphasizing the positive impact it would have on residents.

The collaborative effort to cut the grocery tax had been a topic of discussion for the past three sessions, reflecting a shared commitment to addressing taxation issues in the state.

Former Democratic leader Emily Virgin had previously underscored the importance of tackling Oklahoma’s unique grocery tax, setting the stage for the eventual bipartisan agreement.

The signing ceremony was attended by lawmakers from both sides, with Democrat state Rep. Cyndi Munson expressing her excitement at being part of such a celebratory occasion.

Oklahoma Cheers as Grocery Tax Cut Garners All Support

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While the elimination of the grocery tax is set to bring relief to Oklahoma families, a new debate has emerged regarding the possibility of an income tax cut. Governor Stitt argued for a 0.25% cut, suggesting it is financially feasible and aligns intending to put Oklahoma on a path to zero income tax.

However, Senate Pro Tempore Treat indicated the challenge of affording both cuts simultaneously.

It’s important to note that, despite the state grocery tax being phased out by August, local municipalities will retain the authority to impose their taxes on groceries. The ongoing discussions and legislative actions reflect the complex interplay of fiscal policies and priorities in Oklahoma.

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