Survey Shows Strong Support for Christian Nationalism in Conservative States

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A recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute reveals that in states like North Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama, and West Virginia, about half of the residents believe Christians should dominate all aspects of American society, including its laws.

The survey, based on over 22,000 interviews, highlights the influence of Christian nationalism, once considered fringe beliefs, across all 50 states.

Nationally, approximately three in ten Americans either believe or sympathize with the idea that the U.S. is a Christian nation, and its laws should reflect Christian values. These beliefs have become associated with former President Donald Trump’s political movement.

White evangelical Protestants, constituting a third of the Republican party, are most supportive of Christian nationalist views, with 66% expressing support or sympathy, according to the survey. Similar views are also popular among Hispanic Protestants and Latter-day Saints.

Survey Shows Strong Support for Christian Nationalism in Conservative States

The survey points to the influence of the “Seven Mountains Mandate,” advocating for Christians to control all sectors of society, including government, media, and entertainment.

This ideology is reflected in recent events, such as the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos, where Chief Justice Tom Parker cited the Bible in his opinion.

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Christian nationalists often prioritize policy issues such as restricting abortion access, opposing LGBTQ rights, and advocating for strict immigration limits.

The survey also indicates that they are twice as likely as other Americans to believe that political violence can be justified, posing challenges to the democratic fabric of the country.

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