Alarming Spike: 10 Pedestrians Lose Lives on Virginia Roads in Two Weeks

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Tragedy strikes Virginia roads as 10 pedestrians lose their lives in the past two weeks, adding to the alarming toll of 19 pedestrian fatalities in 2024.

Among the victims is Carla Mejia, a young mother killed in a heart-wrenching hit-and-run incident in Prince William County over the weekend. Leaving the Elks Lodge late at night, Mejia was struck in the westbound lane of Minnieville Road, and the driver fled the scene.

The grieving family, mourning the loss of a daughter and mother, expresses profound sorrow. The hit-and-run driver remains at large, with authorities identifying the car as a Hyundai.

Alarming Spike: 10 Pedestrians Lose Lives on Virginia Roads in Two Weeks

The tragic incident highlights the urgency of responsible driving and the impact on families left shattered by these avoidable accidents.

Prince William County authorities emphasize pedestrian safety, urging individuals to avoid crossing roads outside of designated crosswalks, especially at night.

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Lt. Jonathan Perok stresses the importance of visibility, cautioning against dark-coloured clothing. Virginia State Police advocate for pedestrians to carry flashlights or wear blinking lights for enhanced visibility.

In the face of this heartbreaking event, the community rallies to support Mejia’s family through an online fundraiser for funeral expenses. The incident underscores the need for heightened road safety awareness, emphasizing the responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians in preventing such devastating losses.

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