Beloved Fitness Trainer Remembered by Clients After Fatal Accident on NJ Turnpike in Newark

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In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the fitness community is grappling with the sudden loss of Jerome “Jerry” Christal-Gattanella, a 42-year-old fitness trainer based in New York City.

Jerry, a dedicated professional at Inwood Fitness, tragically met his end on the night of Monday, Feb. 19, when he was rear-ended and killed while his car was parked on the shoulder of the northbound side of the NJ Turnpike in Newark.

The announcement of Jerry’s passing came from Inwood Fitness itself, taking to Instagram to express deep sorrow and commemorate the significant contributions Jerry made to the fitness community.

The gym revealed that Jerry was more than just a fitness trainer; he was a pillar of the community, instrumental in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment at Inwood Fitness, where members felt a sense of belonging, thanks to his efforts.

The news of Jerry’s untimely death sent shockwaves through the fitness community, with clients expressing disbelief and grief. One client shared her poignant experience on social media, recounting how she waited for Jerry at 8 am the next day for their training session, only to learn of the tragic news.

She painted a vivid picture of Jerry as a person with a smile that could light up any space and a personality characterized by kindness and gentleness.

Jerry’s LinkedIn page provided insights into his diverse professional pursuits; not only was he passionate about fitness, but he also worked as an insurance agent. This dual passion showcased Jerry’s varied interests and his commitment to both his clients and the fitness community.

Colleagues and clients alike remember him as a kind soul who poured himself into his work, leaving an indelible mark on those around him.

Inwood Fitness underscored Jerry’s role as a true leader, highlighting his advocacy for change, kindness, and love. His commitment extended beyond fitness routines; he aimed to foster a supportive community within the gym, making members feel like a close-knit family. Colleagues and friends mourned the loss of an exceptional trainer and a genuinely compassionate individual.

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Jerry’s impact was not confined to the gym; he was remembered as a good neighbor and kind soul by members of the broader community. The shock and sorrow resonated deeply, with messages of condolences pouring in from individuals who had interacted with Jerry in various capacities.

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