Denny Hamlin Laughs Off Restart Mishap as Doing the Right Thing

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During a recent race, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin found himself in a humorous situation after a restart mishap. Instead of getting frustrated, Hamlin joked that he was simply “doing the right thing.”

The incident occurred when Hamlin, while leading the pack, jumped the restart. This means he accelerated earlier than allowed, potentially gaining an advantage over his competitors.

Rather than feeling embarrassed or upset, Hamlin took a lighthearted approach to the situation. He joked about his mistake, suggesting that he was intentionally trying to “do the right thing” in the heat of the moment.

While jumping a restart is typically against the rules and can result in penalties, Hamlin’s attitude towards the incident added a touch of humor to the race. It also showed his ability to maintain a positive outlook even in challenging circumstances.

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Hamlin’s response highlights the camaraderie and sportsmanship often seen in NASCAR, where drivers are known to support each other and find humor in unexpected moments. Despite the mishap, Hamlin’s positive attitude kept the mood light and added an entertaining element to the race.

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