Escaped criminal caught with fake cash, gun hidden in chicken wings

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In a bizarre turn of events, Bryan Chapman, 26, wanted on a weapons possession charge, was apprehended last week in a restaurant parking lot with an unexpected hiding spot for his illicit possessions—a box of chicken wings. The unfolding story paints a picture of a perplexing arrest with a slew of charges against Chapman, including possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon, possession of counterfeit bills, and possession of tools for counterfeiting.

The chain of events leading to Chapman’s arrest commenced when a sheriff’s deputy engaged in a routine interaction with two individuals inside a car parked at Zaxby’s parking lot. The deputy, detecting the scent of marijuana, discovered that one of the occupants, identified as Chapman, had an outstanding warrant.

Bryan Chapman’s encounter with the law took an unexpected twist as the subsequent search of his vehicle revealed not only a gun but also counterfeit currency cleverly concealed within a box of chicken wings. Authorities also uncovered equipment utilized for the production of fake money.

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter commended Deputy Montemurno for his proactive approach in initiating the investigation, stating, “I commend Deputy Montemurno for demonstrating such initiative with this investigation. His willingness to be proactive led to the capture of a felon and helped prevent more people from being victimized.”

The charges against Chapman extend beyond the initial weapons possession warrant. He faces additional legal consequences for an outstanding warrant from DeSoto County relating to the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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Chapman, acknowledging his involvement in the production and possession of counterfeit cash, has been arrested and is currently held in the Columbia County Detention Facility without bond.

The peculiar circumstances surrounding this arrest shed light on the unconventional ways in which individuals attempt to evade the law. Concealing weapons and fake currency within a seemingly innocent box of chicken wings adds a layer of intrigue to an already perplexing situation.

As law enforcement continues to grapple with evolving methods employed by individuals involved in criminal activities, this incident underscores the importance of proactive policing. The diligence of Deputy Montemurno not only resulted in the capture of a wanted felon but also prevented potential victimization of others.

The discovery of equipment for counterfeiting raises questions about the extent of Chapman’s activities and whether he was part of a larger counterfeit operation. Investigations into such cases often unveil interconnected networks engaged in various illegal activities.

Bryan Chapman’s arrest serves as a stark reminder of the complex challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining public safety. The convergence of weapons possession, counterfeiting, and outstanding warrants paints a multifaceted picture of criminal behavior that demands a comprehensive and vigilant response from authorities.

As Chapman remains in custody, the legal proceedings will shed further light on the details of his activities and the potential ramifications of his involvement in both weapons-related offenses and counterfeit operations. The peculiar circumstances of his arrest, concealed within a box of chicken wings, add a distinct chapter to the ongoing saga of law enforcement efforts to curb criminal activities in Florida.

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