Ex-FBI Informant Rearrested Over False Claims about Joe and Hunter Biden

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Allegations of Russian Involvement

Alexander Smirnov, the former FBI informant facing charges for lying about the Bidens’ Ukraine dealings, allegedly claimed that Russian intelligence officials fed him false information about Hunter Biden, according to prosecutors.

Peddling New Lies

Prosecutors accuse Smirnov of actively spreading fresh misinformation after meeting with Russian spies in late 2023. They claim that the fallout from his previous false bribery accusations about the Bidens continues to impact US elections.

Smirnov’s Foreign Connections

Prosecutors state that Smirnov boasts “extensive and extremely recent” contacts with foreign intelligence officials, particularly Russian spies. He allegedly revealed that officials associated with Russian intelligence were behind false stories about Hunter Biden.

Ex-FBI Informant Rearrested Over False Claims about Joe and Hunter Biden

Court Proceedings and Release Conditions

Prosecutors argued to keep Smirnov jailed, citing his alleged ties to foreign intelligence agencies. However, a federal judge granted his release with conditions, including GPS monitoring and surrendering passports. Smirnov declined to answer questions after leaving the courthouse.

Impact on Impeachment Inquiry

The revelation prompts concerns about how Smirnov’s discredited allegations may have affected the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into the president, raising doubts about the reliability of information in crucial political proceedings.

Charges and Plea Status

Smirnov is currently facing charges of lying to the FBI and creating false records. Despite the legal proceedings, he has not formally entered a plea. His legal team is actively maintaining his innocence, indicating an ongoing legal battle as the case unfolds.

Serious Risk of Flight

Weiss’ team believes Smirnov, linked to foreign contacts, might try to escape. Even though the judge allowed his release, Smirnov is firmly cautioned not to take advantage of the situation or make light of it. The concern is that he might attempt to flee, and the warning emphasizes the seriousness of the matter.

Heading Continuing Spread of Misinformation

Prosecutors stress that Smirnov is still spreading false information about a prominent US political figure, creating new lies that might influence upcoming elections. This underscores the need to hold him accountable to prevent potential impacts on future political events.

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