Ferrari Teams Up with Celsius Energy Drink in Global F1 Partnership Amidst Lewis Hamilton Era

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In a groundbreaking move, the iconic Ferrari Formula 1 team has forged a multi-year partnership with the renowned energy drink brand Celsius. This significant deal comes hot on the heels of the recent signing of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, adding a new dimension to the team’s dynamics.

Celsius, a US-based energy drink company, initially dipped its toes into the F1 waters with a low-key arrangement during the 2023 season, featuring prominently in the American races in Miami, Austin, and Las Vegas. However, in an impressive development, this partnership has now evolved into a full-fledged global collaboration, with Celsius logos prominently adorning the Ferrari cars and drivers’ overalls.

Founded in 2004, Celsius Holdings, listed on Nasdaq, made headlines in 2022 when beverage giant PepsiCo acquired an 8.5% stake in the business for a staggering $550 million. With a current market capitalization of approximately $12.5 billion, Celsius is strategically eyeing Formula 1 as a pivotal element of its global expansion strategy. The brand recently announced its foray into new markets, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, leveraging distribution partnerships with PepsiCo in North America and Suntory in the UK and Ireland.

The genesis of this collaboration traces back to last year’s US-specific arrangement, and the unexpected arrival of Lewis Hamilton at Maranello in 2025 is poised to catapult Celsius into the spotlight, providing an unforeseen boost to its global marketing endeavors.

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Lewis Hamilton, a seasoned figure in the world of Formula 1, has long been associated with Monster energy drinks. However, Hamilton’s previous affiliations, including the team deal with Mercedes and his personal arrangement with Monster, concluded at the end of the last season. For the 2024 season, Hamilton has made a switch to McLaren, leaving the door wide open for a new energy drink sponsor.

Entering the Formula 1 arena with an energy drink brand inevitably puts contenders in direct competition with Red Bull, a dominant force in the sport since its debut with Sauber in 1995. With the exception of Monster and the ill-fated title sponsorship deal between Rich Energy and Haas, energy drink brands in F1 have traditionally opted for relatively low-profile engagements.

This venture marks Ferrari’s renewed foray into the energy drink sponsorship domain. Previously, the team had a partnership with the TNT brand, spanning from 2012 to 2014.

Lorenzo Giorgetti, Chief Racing Revenue Officer at Ferrari, expressed his delight, stating, “We’re delighted that having come on board with us last year we are now expanding our collaboration with Celsius, who become a global Scuderia Ferrari team partner for the 2024 season and beyond.” Giorgetti emphasized the anticipated role of Celsius in providing essential energy for drivers and team members throughout the demanding 24-race Grand Prix season.

In response to the collaboration, Kyle Watson, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Celsius, highlighted the shared competitive spirit between Celsius and Scuderia Ferrari. “Celsius shares with Scuderia Ferrari a competitive spirit that powers drivers, fans and consumers to perform their best and live fit on and off the track,” said Watson. He expressed the brand’s enthusiasm to enhance the partnership, fostering new assets and experiences for the global fan base.

This strategic alliance between Ferrari and Celsius not only underscores the increasing importance of energy drink sponsorship in Formula 1 but also signifies a potentially lucrative avenue for global brands seeking exposure on the world’s premier racing stage. As the 2024 season kicks off, all eyes will be on Ferrari, Hamilton, and Celsius, anticipating the dynamic impact of this collaboration on and off the track.

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